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macOS 13 Ventura Third Party Product Compatibility Info

Article ID = 283
Article Title = macOS 13 Ventura Third Party Product Compatibility Info
Article Author(s) = Graham Needham (BH)
Article Created On = 5th September 2022
Article Last Updated = 7th April 2023
Article URL =

Article Brief Description:
A list of information relating to third party software products and their compatibility with macOS 13 Ventura

macOS 13 Ventura Third Party Product Compatibility Information

  • PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript files are no longer available in the Finder Quick Look Preview - you will need to open them manually in a supported graphic application
  • Older Mail application "plug-ins" are now deprecated and will stop functioning in a future version of macOS
  • Ventura removes support for kernel extensions used by online storage services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox - if you use any of these applications update to the latest versions before installing Ventura. Microsoft has in-depth information on the new "Files On-Demand" feature and TidBits has great coverage in their Apple's File Provider Forces Mac Cloud Storage Changes article.
  • Ventura removes Python 2.x - use Python 3 instead (once macOS 13.3 is installed, run the stub /usr/bin/python3 in Terminal which will prompt you to install the latest Xcode developer tools that includes Python 3.x)
  • Ventura removes PHP - use Homebrew to install it or install via a third party software stack such as MAMP/MAMP PRO
  • Ventura does not support 32-Bit Applications
  • Ventura does not support legacy media formats
  • Ventura does not support legacy System/Kernel Extensions (KEXTs)
  • Ventura does not support installing on and booting from FireWire storage
  • Ventura does not support Dashboard applications/widgets
  • Ventura does not support Rosetta/PowerPC software
  • Ventura no longer trusts TLS certificates signed with the SHA-1 hash algorithm
  • Ventura has a dedicated and "signed" system volume - third party backup/cloning/disk repair software should be checked and updated/upgraded if necessary to work with this version of macOS
  • Ventura disables legacy smart card support that uses TokenD
  • Ventura changes the default shell to Zsh (from Bash)
  • VPN connections via L2TP over IPSec now require "HMAC-SHA-256" security at the third-party server end - make sure your VPN server is compatible!
  • Safari 16 in Ventura does not support any legacy NPAPI browser plug-ins including Adobe Flash
  • Safari 16 in Ventura does not support older .safariextz packaged Safari Extensions - you should check whether the developer has created a newer/updated "Safari App Extension" version which will be available via the Mac App Store
  • Ventura has an OS version of 13.x instead of 10.x, 11.x, or 12.x - this could affect some older software installers and scripts if they check the OS version incorrectly
Apple File System (APFS)
Ventura uses a low-level file system called Apple File System (APFS) - this could affect many third party software products especially disk utilities that work directly with the file system e.g. DiskWarrior and TechTool Pro along with products that share/serve files over a network. We have a separate article with information about APFS and some frequently asked questions.
Third Party Apps/Hardware Specifically NOT Compatible With APFS
Some (older) software may not install or run on Ventura due to the Gatekeeper security feature. However, it will work, you just need to temporarily bypass gatekeeper if you are sure the software is trusted and safe - see our Gatekeeper article for more information.
System Integrity Protection (SIP)
Ventura includes a low-level security technology called System Integrity Protection (SIP) which prevents the modification or removal of certain system files - this could affect third party products that try to install/modify files/folders at the system level. We have a separate article all about SIP.
If you have a HiDPI compatible monitor connected e.g. Retina Display, UltraHD, 4K, 5K, Ventura will try to run applications in HiDPI mode on them. Older applications (written before HiDPI was available) may have problems with this. It is possible to run older, individual applications in "low resolution" mode (Get Info on the application in the Finder and tick "Open in Low Resolution" - if that option is not there then you can't).
Products Specifically NOT Ventura Compatible (including earlier versions thereof)
See also, our list of 32-bit applications
  • Ambrosia Soundboard and WireTap Anywhere / Studio
  • Bare Bones TextWrangler - all versions
  • DiskMaker X = all versions
  • MT-Newswatcher
  • Now Up-To-Date And Contact
  • Perian
  • QuarkXPress 6, 7, 8 and 9
  • SnapzPro X v4.0.0 and earlier
  • Timbuktu Pro
Products Specifically NOT Ventura Compatible
but they should be updated in the future to be compatible
Printer And Scanner Manufacturers/Drivers
Official Apple list of printer and scanner drivers included with macOS - As of October 2018, this list is no longer updated!
Individual Products
If a product is not listed above it doesn't mean it does or doesn't work with macOS 13 Ventura. Make sure you are running the latest version of the software and if you still have problems check the developer/manufacturer web site. If you spot any Ventura compatibility information online that we don't have above be sure to let us know the link/URL. In addition:
  • Maths/chemistry/scientific users should also check out this blog post that lists compatible/incompatible Ventura software.
  • Musicians should also check out this web page that lists compatible/incompatible Ventura software.
  • You could also check out this web site that lists compatible/incompatible Ventura software.
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Products And Servers For Time Machine Backups Over SMB
macOS 13 Ventura supports Time Machine backups over SMB. The basic NAS and Server requirements are:
  • SMB protocol version 3.x, including SMB 3.x signing
  • Handling of SMB2_CREATE_DURABLE_HANDLE_REQUEST_V2 requests, including the Timeout field
  • Handling of SMB2_CREATE_REQUEST_LEASE_V2 requests
  • Support for Bonjour discovery
  • Support for Apple’s F_FULLFSYNC extension to the SMB2 FLUSH command
Apple has detailed NAS and Server SMB requirements/technical information on their Developer web site. Products known to support Time Machine over SMB:

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If this information helped you or saved you time and/or money why not donate a little to us via PayPal?
All proceeds go directly to MacStrategy / Burning Helix to help fund this web site.

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